Hi, my name is Rob Northcott.

Like many kids of my generation, I grew up playing a variety of competitive sports. Movement wasn’t about health then;  it was just what I loved to do. I considered and tried many things for work when I was young, but eventually personal training became a natural extension of my active lifestyle and enthusiasm for connecting with people. I worked as a personal trainer in downtown Toronto at the Sports Clubs of Canada in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, focused on delivering the prevalent goals of youth - a muscular build and toned, slim bodies. As I worked with my clients it quickly became clear that much goes into a person's ability to change behaviours and achieve lasting results. Each of us is complex and I learned that considering a person's state of whole health is essential to helping them achieve any goal. Then in 2003, a close family member’s illness and subsequent death propelled me away from fitness training toward a deeper meditation practice and projects involving my other childhood passions of building design and art.

Now at age 48, I am an avid golfer, a seasoned traveler, endlessly curious about the meaning, mechanics, and mysteries of life, and I eat a whole foods, plant-based diet. I have returned to the world of fitness training because I care that the majority of our population struggles with many health concerns that are preventable and reversible with a change in lifestyle. My renewed focus and enthusiasm for fitness training is to help you feel good in your body, regardless of your age, size or shape. I want to help you turn back the hands of time so you can look and feel younger than the average person your age. Your body is an incredible machine that will adapt to exercise and nutrition changes at any age and allow you to become stronger, healthier and more alive than you have felt in a long time. This powerful combination of exercise and nutrition is not just about extending your life. It is about making the quality of each and every day better.

If you would like help getting into shape, or help with preventing ailments from limiting your mobility and enjoyment of life, I invite you to get started with a trainer who can relate to the effects of the aging process. I know what it feels like to be limited by injury and to live in a body that is not as supple as it used to be. However, I also know that I feel best when I continue to move and provide my body with healthy foods.  Everyone’s needs and goals are different, and that is what makes personal training, personal. But feeling healthier, stronger, more flexible and pain-free makes it easier to move through life and enjoy all the things you love to do. I invite you to try individual training or partner training at my home studio gym in Whitby, and I look forward to helping you live a healthier and more active lifestyle.




NSCA and CPTN Certified Personal Trainer

Functional Aging Specialist with the

Functional Aging Institute


Human Movement Specialist with the

Brookbush Institute (in progress)


CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach


St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid – CPR C




My role as a fitness trainer and health coach is to educate, motivate and provide safe and flexible fitness solutions to help you achieve your health goals. I aim to become a trusted co-advocate for your health and to help you feel as good as possible in this stage of your life. By delivering clear and consistent messages in a supportive environment, I will help you overcome the common struggles of starting and maintaining a fitness program so that you stick with it long enough to reap the rewards of increased health and vitality. Fitness training is a blend of science and art. The science includes doing specific things to create a desired effect. The art is in recognizing each person’s unique abilities and needs each particular day. My role is to ensure that you do the best you can in each session to forward your progress toward achieving your goals.



Most people don’t do much to improve their health until they face a health breakdown. I’ve often thought that it’s too bad we don’t come with an owner’s manual or at least warning lights like a car:  Oil pressure low! Engine trouble!  Or the body’s equivalents:  Artery clogging! Insulin Resistance! Back Pain Imminent! But we don’t have these warning lights built into our bodies and we tend to ignore or not recognize more subtle signs and symptoms of body distress. So when we do break down, we are usually  surprised or simply chalk it up to normal life experience since certain conditions and illnesses are so prevalent.  But there is another way.  It’s called maintenance, and it’s no different than the kind of maintenance you do for your car.   

Like a car, your body works best under certain conditions. When you provide it with proper fuel and maintenance, it operates better. But over time, if you neglect its upkeep, it will start to show signs of wear and tear which can lead to varying degrees of breakdown.  With this in mind, eating well and exercising are not chores for me. Instead, I look at them as opportunities to provide my body with what it needs to operate most efficiently.

The human experience involves living with varying degrees of control, but two of the most important things we do have influence over are how we move and how we eat. Every day, these very important choices affect our level of health, happiness and overall life enjoyment.




A kind approach to healthy living means I will encourage you to achieve your goals with a focus on health-promoting actions, rather than short-term compromises or restrictions. When you move and eat well for your physical and mental health, aesthetic changes will naturally happen. 

At the beginning of the training process with me, you will not have to replace anything or give anything up. Instead, you will be asked to add things to what you already do. You will be asked to observe and reflect upon your existing habits, routines, and thought patterns while adding new movements and nutritious food. I will have you focus on what your body allows you to do, regardless of its present limitations. I will also encourage you to think of exercise and healthy nutrition as a demonstration of conscious kindness toward yourself, and by extension to others.

While making aesthetic changes is exciting and empowering, being healthy and fit is about more than your physique. When you provide your body with what it needs to function healthfully, you improve your mental and emotional well-being, your connection to the world around you, and your ability to enjoy the things you love. 

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